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About Us

CHR Life Sciences understands the critical need for the right hire. We were established to be a trusted partner for professionals and innovative companies to ensure the future successes of the Life Science Industry.

Talented professionals are key to the success of the industry, and the right hire is critical.

Our mission is to ensure we work in collaboration with candidates and clients, to deliver the right hire.

C: Commitment

People are our core focus, and are the foundation to success. In an ever-evolving industry where the demands for talent are high, we collaborate with all parties to deliver exceptional service, whilst ensuring that compliance is upheld at all stages.

H: Honesty

Honesty is the key to successful partnerships. At CHR, we are passionate about the industry and the careers of the talented professionals that we collaborate with. By providing full transparency and honesty through all stages of the recruitment cycle, we ensure that your needs are met through our ethical service.

R: Respect

We believe that respect is the driving force behind all great collaborations. Our passion for what we do, the industry we work in, and the desire to see the people we work with succeed, we deliver a truly unrivalled relationship.